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MOCIUN Ceramics Collection

Story by (e) MOCIUN October 12th, 2016

Inspired by the work Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brâncuș and the idea of bringing functional design to everyday ceramics, Caitlin Mociun has created a 8-piece ceramics line, exclusively available at the MOCIUN Williamsburg, Brooklyn store location and online.


“I wanted to create pieces for our loyal ceramics customers, yet offer a level of exclusivity. Our customers are intrigued by the idea of one-of-a-kind and custom; with this I did decided to only offer the ceramics at our Brick & Mortar store in Williamsburg and our website,” explains designer, Caitlin Mociun.


Referencing to the facets of her coveted gem stones fine jewelry creations, Mociun incorporates the multi-surface structure to each piece in the collection. “I wanted to keep all pieces simple, yet functional,” Mociun says. For example, The ‘lip’ or slight curve around the edges of the plates and bowls, are designed to offer utility function similar to that of a knife or fork when lifting the food.

The collection is available in a crisp white or deep, cobalt blue color option. The white offers a basic everyday, while the blue is a very vibrate yet neutral for a pop of color that Mociun felt would work well in customer’s elements. “I wanted the form and shape of the pieces to be what stands out the most, versus a print, I wanted the first round the Mociun ceramics to consist of beautiful solids, “Mociun explains. “Perhaps add in a various textures in the future.”

Mociun Angled Soup Bowl
Mociun Angled Dessert Bowl
Mociun  Angled Salad Plate
Mociun  Angled Dinner Plate
Mociun Straight Angle Salad Plate
Mociun Straight Angle Dinner Plate
Mociun  Angled Mug
Mociun Angled Tumbler
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